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Elizabeth Flath




Center Grove Middle School North


4 Years of Teaching; 4 Years at Center Grove 

What teaching means to me.......

To me, teaching is important because teachers have the future sitting in their classrooms. Teachers not only are responsible for their respective subjects, they equip students to be successful adults. I not only teach math and science, I teach my students to become competent decision makers and lifelong learners. In addition to providing the skills necessary for students to become contributing members of society and teaching students meaningful curriculum, teachers are also a support system. Teachers have an immense impact on the lives of students by being a role model and providing emotional support. Having a positive educational experience can drastically alter a child’s course in their life. Teachers have many different roles to play, all of which are significant. Teaching is important because we are building a better future by educating our youth in not only required curriculum, but in becoming confident and responsible citizens.