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Jennifer Fields




Pleasant Grove Elementary School


21.5 Years of Teaching; 20.5 Years at Center Grove 

What teaching means to me.......

To me, I have the opportunity to build 23-30 individual lasting relationships with students every school year. I pride myself in making use of the first few days of school to really get acquainted with each student on a personal level and build vital relationships. I enjoy becoming a family with “my” kids. It brings me great happiness to attend their out-of-school activities. I have watched many ball games, dance recitals, plays, and have even been invited to birthday parties. Even after students have moved on from elementary school, I will oftentimes receive a request to attend a graduation, wedding, or baby shower. I learn as much if not more from my students as they learn from me. One of my favorite quotes is, “So often you find that the students you hope to inspire are the ones who end up inspiring you.” I am so incredibly inspired by my students on a daily basis. I love learning! I learn from my colleagues, students, and myself, and I learn from each situation that occurs. I look forward to every chance possible to explore, read, research, and seek new ways to reach my students. I love when I witness the light bulb coming on in a student when he/she finally masters a skill. I experience enthusiasm and eagerness about attempting something new in the classroom. I get paid to have a profession that I truly love! So often I feel guilty for collecting a paycheck. I am so richly blessed!