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Heather Garvey

Heather Garvey

Pleasant Grove Elementary School 

16 Years of Teaching; 16 Years at Center Grove 

To me, teaching is important because...

As a coach, my role as a teacher looks very different than that of a traditional classroom teacher.  I have had many wonderful years in my own classroom interacting with students, making meaningful connections and lasting memories.  As a lifelong learner, I felt the need to push myself to try something new.  I am now a "teacher of teachers".  Being in this position can be challenging at first because you have to build a certain amount of trust with the people you are working with.  I can speak from experience that it can be difficult to bring another individual into your classroom and ask for help at getting better at something or want to try something new.  This is why I believe my job is so important because I have the ability to share and model new ideas with teachers so that they can improve their craft.  I am able to take away the fear of trying something new on their own.  When I collaborate with teachers we learn from each other, discuss what went well and what we could have done better, and what our next steps will be.  I feel that I can give teachers confidence to try new things by working side by side with these amazing professionals.