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Allison Harris

Allison Harris

North Grove Elementary School

5 Years of Teaching; 5 Years at Center Grove 

To me, teaching is important because...

To me, teaching is important because teachers do it all! “Teaching” is equivalent to caring for students when it feels like no one else does, loving students even when it can be really hard to do so, protecting them from the bee zipping around the playground or the scary fire drill alarm, listening to students’ extremely detailed and lengthy stories about their weekends away from school, discovering what makes each of your 30 students unique as learners, witnessing your students grow in countless ways during a school year, and serving a community’s present and future members. Our job is often described by the term “teaching,” but in reality, we do so much more than just teach as we strive to make an impact on students and our community. Every single day teachers are in their classroom caring, loving, protecting, listening, discovering, witnessing, serving, AND teaching.