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Jennifer Webb

Jennifer Webb

Pleasant Grove Elementary School

18 Years of Teaching; 3 Years at Center Grove 

To me, teaching is important because...

Teaching is important to me because each child deserves a chance to have someone in their corner who cares about them. I can name at least five teachers who had a profound impact on my life when I was younger, and I want to be that person for my students. I truly believe that real teaching happens once my students know that they are safe and loved. At the beginning of each year, I establish a classroom culture where the students quickly learn that they are in a safe place. My students need to know that I care about them and that it's o.k. to make mistakes. That's how we learn.

Another reason that teaching is important is because I want to show the students how education can be valuable to their future. It's challenging at times to explain to a third grade student why the things they are learning are important. A good teacher will take the time to try and explain the relevance of everything that they are teaching to their students. I need to explain the "why" behind what I'm teaching. My students will be much more eager to learn if they know how it relates to them.

A final reason that teaching is important is because I want my students to feel confident in themselves as learners. I believe that the teacher can help students find that confidence. Each nine weeks my students write goals for the nine weeks. They write academic goals, home goals, and a miscellaneous goal. Oftentimes the students will write down a goal for a sport they are currently playing for their miscellaneous goal. My students keep track of their progress throughout the year so they can see their growth. I think it's helpful for the students to write goals so they can take ownership of their learning. By writing goals, they can focus on what they want to improve on. As their teacher I can show them the steps to achieve their goals so they can reach them.

Teaching is important for a variety of reasons, and it's rewarding in many different ways. Although there are challenges along the way, there are so many great things to also celebrate.