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Amy Wingler

Amy Wingler

Center Grove High School 
26.5 Years of Teaching; 26.5 Years at Center Grove 

To me, teaching is important because...
Teaching is important to me because I can help shape the minds of the future. Without teachers our kids, big and small, do not learn what they need to positively contribute to society. Everyone that has gone through school can tell you a story about a teacher. Most will tell you a good story about a teacher impacting their lives. I owe my story to John Rockey and Joe Oblon. These two amazing math teachers are the reason I decided to teach high school math. I watched them make math fun every single day and impact countless lives as they unselfishly gave their time and patience to every single student. Being in their classrooms and seeing the difference they made in their students’ lives provided me a role model for my teaching career.

Teaching is important to me because I can give back to the great teachers I had and foster my own students love for learning. Teachers can make students feel superhuman. I want to make my students feel this way. I want my students to appreciate math. Not many students like math and not everyone in the world must be good at math. If I’m able to make my students feel comfortable in the classroom, I can allow them to gain confidence in their math abilities. Seeing the light bulb go off in my students’ head when they understand a concept in math for the first time allows me to know that I have made them better thinkers.

Teaching is important to me because I can inspire curiosity, create dreams, and push my students to do things out of their comfort zone. I want my students to feel cared for, look to me as being a role model for them, and grow up valuing education so they can become great members of society.