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Ciara Hunter

Ciara Hunter

Pleasant Grove Elementary School

3 Years of Teaching; 3 Years at Center Grove 

To me, teaching is important because...
Teaching is important because education has the capacity to change lives. I am the perfect example of the power of education. My childhood was very traumatic. Without the help of mentors and caring educators, my life would look very different than it does today. I can still remember the teachers and principal that cared enough to lead me to the understanding that education will free me from my past and showed me that I am not obligated to live the same life I was given as a child. For me, offering that relationship of guidance, teaching, and caring to others is imperative to fulfillment. It is important for me to pay it forward to make sure others get an opportunity to enhance their life in the same way mine was.

Teaching is about much more than the subjects we teach each day. It is about forming those strong bonds with students, pouring love and belief into them. It is teaching young people how to grow into capable adults. It is about how making positive life choices now, with hard work, leads to bright futures with endless possibilities. It is learning problem-solving with guidance in a safe environment so that students can later solve the difficult problems life gives them without struggle.