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    Center Grove Middle School North Yearbook 
    Jostens Replay - (School 1083265) This interactive website that allows the MSN school community to upload and share photos from the year. It’s your chance to have more of you and your friends in the yearbook.  Registration is required and images will be moderated.  Posting of inappropriate material could result in consequences.
    CGMSN Yearbook Flickr Group - This page will act as a place where we can post some of the photos from our student photography group.  These images may, or may not, be added to the finished yearbook.  Flickr account is required to add images to this group.
    Jostens Yearbook Avenue (job #30561) - This page is the production gateway for yearbook staff.  This is where we will be working to learn, create, edit, manage and produce the CGMSN yearbook.
    Photography Tips and Tools:
    Good Web-based Image Editors