Frequently Asked Questions


    If your child needs to leave school early for a doctor's appointment or other planned event, please send a note signed by a parent giving us the time and reason for the early dismissal. Your child must bring that note to the Student Services Office upon arrival to school. We will then write them a pass to leave class and meet you in the Student Services Office at the appropriate time.


    We are beginning to accumulate quite a few items in the lost and found.  If your child is missing something please remind them to check the lost and found in the bookstore from 7:15 – 7:30.  Thank you!


    Students are required to have their ID card with them every day. Why do students need their ID cards?

    • Security
    • Attendance
    • Cafeteria/Purchase Lunch
    • Library

    ID cards can be replaced for $5.00.  The sign-up sheet is located in the Student Services Office.


    Maximizing Student Achievement Means - Minimizing Classroom Interruptions

     One of the most important things that school administrators can do to maximize student learning is to minimize the number of distractions experienced by teachers and students within the classroom. Often even the smallest interruptions can spoil the flow of a lesson, or catch a student at a critical time in the learning process.

    In order to minimize classroom interruptions we will deliver messages and/or materials to students twice during the school day. Please see the options for student deliveries below:

     Deliver during my student's lunchtime.

    1. Deliver during my student's last period.
    2. My student knows an item is being delivered and will pick-up item in student services - No notice needed.

     In the event that a message is related to a family or medical emergency, please ask for an administrator so that messages of this nature can be delivered to your child in the appropriate manner.

    We appreciate your help as we continue to maximize student achievement at Middle School North.  


    New students enrolling for the first time at Center Grove Community Schools must bring proof of residency, a birth certificate and immunization record. Because there are questions that both parents and students will want to have answered, we encourage students and parents to come together to school when you enroll. The MSN registrar is Mrs. Lena Triwedi in Student Services and she can be reached at 885-8800 ext. 5005.


    Make-up work is the responsibility of the student. A student will receive an equal number of days to make up work as he/she was absent from school. Example - if a student is out one day, they have one day to make up the work when returning to school. The student may receive an F for work not made up within the appropriate number of days. A request for make-up work can be made on the third consecutive day a student is absent by calling the Student Services Office (885-8800 ext. 5008) before 8:30 a.m. Requests received after 8:30 a.m. cannot be processed until the following school day. Assignment requests are prepared during the teacher's preparation period; therefore, requests must be limited to extended illnesses. The make-up work can be picked up in the Student Services Office before 3:30 p.m. A student who is absent the day of a test is expected to take the test upon returning to school. Again, students are encouraged to record daily assignments, long-term projects, and upcoming events in their agenda.