• MSN Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

    Parent Drop Off / Pick Up
    If you choose to drop off or pick up your child, please follow the established procedure using the Drop-Off and Pick-Up Lane, which is located along the sidewalk of the Main Entrance. 
    • Drive as far forward as possible along the sidewalk.
    • Instruct your child to exit or enter the vehicle from the passenger side only to avoid the thru traffic lane on the driver’s side of the vehicle.
    • Students must wait for their rides in the designated student loading area. 

    Parking Lot Safety
    For the safety of all of our students, students are not allowed to cross to or from the parking lot unescorted. 

    • If you choose to park in the lot to pick up or drop off your child, please park in open space in the parking lot.
    • Handicapped parking spots are reserved for vehicles with the appropriate placards or license plates. You will be ticketed for parking illegally in one of those spots.
    • Escort your child into or out of the Main Entrance.

    Parent Pick Up During the School Day

    •  Parents picking up students during the school day must sign their children out in the Student Services Office.
    • Students not following drop off/pick up procedures or behaving unsafely can receive disciplinary consequences. 

    Students walking home or elsewhere must wait at the main entrance until all buses have departed from our school. 

    • At no time shall students walk across a road unless they have parental permission.
    • A parent permission slip must be on file in the principal’s office giving the student permission to walk to and from school.
    • A walking pass will be issued and students must carry this pass while walking to or from school. 

    Bus Transportation
    Buses are available for all students. You can find your bus stop information in Skyward under the “Student Info” tab.