Parent volunteers are vital to our corporation's success! The time they dedicate to our classrooms and field trips is invaluable. Center Grove Community School Corporation welcomes all parent volunteers.

    Center Grove has modified its background check policy for building volunteers. We regularly review our policies and procedures to ensure the safety of our students and staff. For the 2016-17 school year, we will require more extensive background checks for volunteers who are in a position to spend time with a student without a teacher or staff member present. While we do not want to discourage any parent from volunteering in our schools, we feel this change is necessary for our students’ safety.

    Volunteers who would need the broader check include the following:

    1. Any person who will be in a position to supervise students without direct supervision of a teacher – this includes but is not limited to field trip chaperones, tutors, music lesson tutors, athletic volunteers,  or any volunteer who takes a group of students out of a classroom for groups or activities

    2. Any person who will be alone with students

    Parents who come in to have lunch with their student or volunteer to help with a classroom party would not be required to have a background check.

    Because this background check is more extensive, the cost is higher for the school district. Each volunteer will be charged $12.95 for the cost of the check. These checks will be active for two years. If the cost is a financial hardship, please speak to a building administrator or counselor. We appreciate the valuable time our parents spend in our schools and encourage anyone who has the time to volunteer.

    Thank you for doing your part in creating a safe environment for all students!