• Welcome to Third Grade!            3rd grade rocks     
        When third graders walk through our doors, we have to hit the ground running! This is because there are so many new standards/skills that your child needs to know before taking our standardized tests in the spring. I have high expectations for each of my students, but none that are out of reach! I believe that each student brings strengths to our classroom and it is my job to determine those strengths and build upon them. On the other hand, each student has some weaknesses and like wise, I must identify these and help each student grow
        I tell the kids on the first day that our classroom is a safe place to make mistakes! It is what we do with those mistakes that is important. I make mistakes and also learn alongside your student and it is important to me that they understand that when they walk in. One student might excel in a certain math skill but the next one he/she might struggle with. Therefore, I use math and reading groups to help each student learn using the skills they have and the ones they need to know. 
        Life is a roller coaster, lots of ups and downs, but we are on the journey together!