• This year all of Center Grove’s six elementary schools, one of its two middle schools, the high school and the district overall met AYP. Under NCLB, no longer are schools judged on their aggregate or average scores, but on the performance of each identified subgroup of students within them. Even if one subgroup falls below the state standard, it means the school as a whole is classified as not making AYP. One school within the district is listed as not meeting AYP due to results in language arts for special education students.

    Building staff and administrators continue to research and implement best practices for closing the achievement gap as our goal is to improve the academic success of all of our students. Therefore, we have many initiatives at both the district and school level designed to address the specific needs of students within the subgroup not meeting AYP. If you are interested in the step being taken, please contact your building principal and she/he will be happy to talk with you.

    We want to assure you that our mission, “To develop knowledgeable, confident and responsible citizens by providing an extensive learning experience relevant to the interests and capabilities of every student, in partnership with the home and the community,” is our primary goal. We will continue our efforts to meet our mission.

    A more detailed description of our fall 2008 AYP results can be found on the
    Indiana Department of Education website. Paper copies are also available in the office of all of our schools.

    Results of the Spring 2009 ISTEP testing are expected to be released in August 2009.


Last Modified on April 9, 2008