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  • Center Grove is offering an online instructional delivery model, CG Virtual, for the 2020-21 school year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

    CG Virtual students will remain assigned to their home schools. The CG Virtual format is entirely online with no in-person instruction. This instructional delivery model is separate from the eLearning model, which will be used by Traditional students, if CGCSC is required to move all students to online learning. 


    If you're a CG Virtual high school student, check your schedule in Skyward to see if you have an Indiana Online Academy (IOA) course. Students need to sign-up with IOA to be enrolled in the class. IOA classes start on Monday, August 10th.

    To enroll in your IOA class, please follow these instructions

    • It is important that when you come to the payment portion of the enrollment process that you select the school.
    • For the counselor, select Jennifer Perkins.
    • You are not responsible for the payment to IOA.
    • Please make sure that you complete the enrollment process. 

    How do I access my classes
    We are using three different digital platforms to deliver content to you: Global Campus, Plato, and Indiana Online Academy (IOA). There have been minor adjustments to teachers and delivery systems since we emailed your schedule for review.  In order to know which delivery system each high school course uses we suggest looking at your schedule in Skyward.  

    • Global Campus courses will have a Center Grove teacher’s name next to the course.  That course is being delivered via Canvas.  To access your Canvas course(s) click this link here.  You will use your CG username and password to access the course(s).
      • Please note that we highly recommend using the web-based version of Canvas, not the app.  The Canvas app needs to be updated frequently and if you don’t update, you may have trouble accessing content.
      • If you have never used a Center Grove username and password, please email AccountHelp@centergrove.k12.in.us.  They will be able to assist you.   
      • Should you need assistance getting started, please contact Sam Fritz at fritzs@centergrove.k12.in.us
    • Plato courses will say PLATO on your schedule.  We will upload that class for you in Plato.  For directions on how to access your Plato course, please use this link.
    • IOA courses will say IOA.  IOA is a self-enrollment system.  To enroll in your IOA class, please follow these instructionsPlease note that IOA has their own teachers. The IOA teacher will communicate with you and will report grades to Center Grove at the mid-term, nine weeks, and end of the semester.

    CGHS Virtual students are expected to complete 6 hours of course work each day.  We highly suggest and recommend that you and your parent(s) develop a schedule to help you stay on track as you work through the coursework.  Attendance is taken by logging into the Canvas system, opening the STAR Virtual Course, selecting the attendance button on the homepage, and completing the daily attendance quiz.

    Daily Engagement
    CGHS Virtual students should expect to engage with their content for at least six hours a day. Engagement can be both on-line and off-line.  We would again strongly encourage you to create a schedule to stay on track.  We have included a template to assist in schedule planning here.

    Digital Citizenship
    While you are completing your coursework at home, you’re still considered a Center Grove High School student.  The student handbook policies and procedures apply to you, even if you’re a virtual student.  Unless a CGHS Virtual student has made arrangements and received permission to be on campus during traditional school hours, CGHS Virtual students will not be allowed on campus between the hours of 6:50 a.m. and 2:50 p.m. Monday through Friday.

    Teachers have several ways in which they may communicate with students.  The most common way is through your Canvas email.  Please make sure that you are checking your Canvas email each day.  We also highly encourage parents to become Canvas observers.  This will allow you to see announcements, due dates, and observe Canvas course content.

    Global Campus teachers may offer virtual opportunities, such as Zoom meetings to interact with their students.  These opportunities aren’t mandatory and will occur at the discretion of the Global Campus virtual teacher.   Should course content or lectures be delivered via a Zoom meeting the content would be posted to Canvas for students to view at a later time. 

    Special Services Students
    As a CGHS Virtual student, we want to make sure that we are meeting the needs of IEP/ILP and S504 students.  There are several teachers who work with these students, if your students need support please have them contact the following individuals:

    • Jamie Lidy, Special Services teacher
    • Sam McDaniel, Special Services teacher 
    • Erin McNeill, ENL Coordinator
    • S504 issues or questions, please contact your student’s school counselor

    School Pictures
    If you are interested in getting your picture taken for the yearbook, Lifetouch will be available after school from 3:00 p.m. to 5 p.m. on September 21st and 22nd in the West Gym for school pictures. Students should enter through Door #3.