• Center Grove Middle School North Greenspace


    In 2017, students and staff at Center Grove Middle School North started working with the local community, environmental scientists, and design/construction engineers to develop this educational greenspace and restore Indiana native species to this 3-acre area. This collaborative effort has allowed our students to work alongside wildlife biologists, environmental scientists, ecologists and other experts. Our students continue to conduct regular inventory surveys of flora and fauna to track the long term progress of the project as they learn about Indiana’s native species and ecology. 


    1. Emergent Wetland - dominated by herbaceous, low-growing, water-tolerant vegetation in substrate that is at least periodically deficient in oxygen as a result of excessive water content.

    2. Sedge Meadow - dominated by grass-like plants called sedges. Annually, they will be the wettest after spring rains. By the end of the summer, little or no standing water remains, earning these wetlands the nickname “dry marsh.”

    3. Mesic Prairie - dominated by native grasses and wildflowers. The term “mesic” refers to the normal moisture content of the prairie soil, which in this case is somewhere between wet and dry.