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    First day of School for Students: Thursday, August 3, 2023

    Dr. Rich Arkanoff

    On behalf of the Center Grove Board of School Trustees, administration, faculty, and support staff, we look forward to welcoming everyone back to school on Thursday, August 3, 2023!

    Those of you who are familiar with Center Grove Schools know that our people are what make our school corporation exceptional. This includes our faculty, staff, administrators, and the families who make up our community. Our decisions center on what is best for our students. We have incredible teachers and administrators in our district who are dedicated to the success of our students. We strive every day to provide a safe environment where our students receive an exceptional educational experience, as well as an exceptional occupational experience for our employees.

    We believe that collaboration between the school district and our community is crucial for the success of our students. We encourage families and community members to actively participate in our school board meetings and attend our public events, competitions, and concerts. These occasions offer a firsthand view of how our district is serving our growing community. We value your input and are committed to being transparent about our priorities and finances. To ensure open communication, we also encourage you to explore our website, where you can access our budgets from the last 15 years.

    We look forward to a new school year filled with exceptional educational experiences for all students!

    Richard A. Arkanoff, Ed.D.


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