• Center Grove's Summer School program will take place June 5 - 22, Monday through Thursday from 9:00-12:00 at Center Grove Elementary School. The purpose of summer school is to provide additional instruction in literacy skills that will help prepare your child for the 2023-2024 school year. Additionally, third grade students will have the opportunity to retake IREAD at the end of our summer program. 

    To contact our summer school program, please call the Summer School phone number. We can be reached between 8:00 am - 1:00 pm: 317-775-5282 or email the Summer School Coordinator, Mrs. Amy Clancy, at: 

    Teacher, room number, and bus pick-up/drop-off locations were sent via ParentSquare.

    PLEASE NOTE: There is a need for parents or a responsible person to be at the stops each afternoon to retrieve students. Since we are utilizing neighborhood group stops and not regular bus stops, we want to be certain our students are always safe.  If no one is at the stop for each child, the bus will return back to school with the child.  Parents may send a note, signed and dated, that a child may get off the bus unattended if they so choose.  Group/neighborhood stops have been created because buses will be providing transportation to Center Grove Elementary for students throughout the entire Center Grove district.  

    Because buses will be traveling greater distances through many more neighborhoods than regular school year routes, we would like to request that parents call the Transportation Office by 7:30 a.m. if your child will NOT be riding that morning to school (317-881-0555).  If we can save a driver from going into a neighborhood for just one stop, we would be saving both transit times and mileage. 

    More information about the Center Grove Transportation Department can be found at:


    Morning Drop Off 
    In order to keep all students safe, the morning drop off will be a single file line formed near the main entrance (see map above)Please enter the line from Morgantown Road ONLY.  Students dropped off and picked up in cars will enter through Door 1. Please ensure that students are ready to exit cars upon entering the unloading zone. The unloading zone is outside the main entrance doors. There will be staff members near the car drop off zone to direct and assist this process.

    Here are a few things to remember:

    • The staff members on duty outside will be directing cars to pull up, stop, or release children. Thank you in advance for your cooperation as we help students quickly and safely enter the building.

    • If you wish to walk your child(ren) to the front door, or if you need to exit your car for any other reason, please park in the available parking spots.   

    Afternoon Pickup

    • Each family will be issued a car rider number on the first day of summer school that will be displayed in the front window of your vehicle when you arrive at Center Grove Elementary. Your child will have coordinating numbers on his/her backpack tag. As your car enters the front parking lot, a staff member will enter the number on your car tag. Your child/children will then walk to your vehicle once you pull to the drop-off/pick-up zone.

    • Afternoon Car Rider Pass— If picking up your child daily, we ask that you pick up a car rider pass at Center Grove the first day of summer school.  When getting assigned a car rider pass, you will need proper identification. However, the car rider pass will then serve as identification when picking up your child. Car Rider Passes will be made available during regular summer school hours 8:45-12:00. 

    • If your child regularly rides the bus and you need to pick them up from school that day, please notify the office by 11:00 AM if you have a change of plans and do not wish for your child to ride the bus home.  We cannot delay the departure of buses to bring a child back into the building once dismissal procedures have begun.  If someone other than a parent or guardian will be picking up your child, it is mandatory that you indicate this in a written note or phone call. The school WILL NOT release a student to anyone not approved by the parent or guardian. Anyone picking up a child, including parents, must be indicated on the pick-up form that was completed on the summer school RSVP form. 


    • Students only need to bring a backpack and water bottle (all other materials will be given to students).
    • A snack will be provided each day. See the menu to the right. Due to food allergies, students should not bring food from home.

    Rules and regulations for summer school are the same as the normal school year.  This includes, but not limited to, the schools’ dress code, bus rules, and all other school rules.  The elementary handbook can be found online at:

    Good attendance is crucial to the learning success of our students and arriving at school on time provides the best opportunity for your child to be successful.  However, if attendance is not possible because of an illness or other family situation, please follow this procedure:

    • Absences must be reported to the school on each day of absence. Please notify the school no later than 9:00 a.m. by calling 317-775-5282.  Please leave a detailed message that includes your name, the student name, the room number or teacher name, and the reason for the absence.
    • If the school does not receive a message about your child, a call will be made in order to confirm the reason for your child’s absence.


    A nurse or clinic assistant will staff the summer school clinic. ALL medications (non-prescription and prescription) must be brought to the school clinic upon arrival to school where they will be stored and administered accordingly. A Consent to Treat form and a Medication Consent form must be on file. If your student took the medication during the school year, these consents are already on file. If this is a new medication, please click here to access the consent forms. A Medication Consent form is required for each medication.

    • NON-PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION must be sent in the original, unexpired container and labeled with the student’s name. No medication can be given to a student unless it is brought from home with a consent form on file. This includes cough drops, throat sprays, most eye drops, and most sprays, creams and ointments for burning or itching. Any dosage amount requested in excess of the manufacturer’s recommended dosage will not be given without a physician’s written approval. Herbal medications or supplements will not be administered during the school day unless accompanied by a physician’s order.

    • PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION must be sent in the original container bearing the current pharmacy label that shows the child’s name, prescription number, date filled, physician’s name, and directions for use.  All prescription medication changes and/or dosage changes must be accompanied by a physician’s statement or new prescription bottle reflecting changes. If a medication is to be terminated before the date on the prescription, the written and dated consent of the parent/guardian is required.

    • EMERGENCY MEDICATION (e.g., INHALERS, EPIPENS): Students who require the immediate availability of medication may be allowed to keep it with them rather than in the clinic only with the written permission of the prescribing physician. Parents/guardians of students carrying such medications assume responsibility for assuring that a back-up medication is provided to be available in the clinic, and that the carried medication is neither out-dated nor empty.

    • CONTROLLED DRUGS:  Parents assume responsibility for delivering controlled substances (e.g. Ritalin, Adderall) to and from school. Controlled substances should be delivered to the school clinic by a parent or guardian. 

    • The school will not send home any medication with a student. Medication(s) sent to school will only be released to the student’s parent, or to an individual at least eighteen (18) years old who has been designated in writing by the student’s parent to receive the medication.