• MSC Attendance/Early Dismissals



    MSC ATTENDANCE PHONE LINE - School attendance is important.  If your MSC student is going to be absent for any reason,  please call the MSC attendance hotline at 317-885-4607, follow the prompts and leave a message before 9:00 AM each day.  We ask that you do this to ensure the safety of our students.

    EARLY DISMISSALS - If you are calling in to have your student released early, please call the attendance line at 317-885-4607, follow the prompts and list the time you need your student released under the reason.

    EXTENDED ABSENCES - In the event of a family emergency or a planned absence which will result in missing several days of school, students need to complete a family leave form well in advance of the day to be missed.  We highly encourage parents to plan family vacations during our calendar breaks as attendance does influence a child’s ability to succeed in school.

    DOCTOR NOTES - It is a good idea that when a doctor’s visit accompanies an absence that you ask the doctor to write a note for our school files, and it will count as an excused absence.  If a student arrives to school late from a doctor’s appointment, please have them turn the slip into the office.  Without the slip it will count as a tardy.