Español  I

    Señora Washburn

    Assignments : January 28- Quiz on Food

    January 30-Restaurant Skits ( may be videotaped on done in front of the class)
    February 9-Lucero's -February 9 


    This year we will immerse ourselves in the Hispanic culture and learn to communicate in Spanish in the present tense.  Below I have listed the student resources, the course objectives, and the supplies you will need for class daily.  It is important to pay special attention to the class rules and how your grade will be calculated.  Learning a new language is fun!.



    Student Resources and Supplies needed



    · Textbook—Avancemos I(2014 edition—required)


    · Online work and review— www.classzone.net—Students are required to do this practice outside of class. 

    Þ          Find Avancemos I-HS games and practice for each chapter in our book

    · Suggested Apps and websites

    Þ  Living Language Spanish

    Þ  Spanish Anywhere

    Þ  Spanish! (Brainscape)


    · Vocabulario sheets and index cards

    · Notes (Spiral notebook or 3-ring paper)

    · Homework & Graded Work

    · Workbook

    · 2” Binder (this is required for everyday class)


    Spanish I Course Objectives:


    · Use salutations and make appropriate introductions in Spanish

    · Express likes and dislikes in Spanish

    · Use acquired vocabulary in a variety of situations

    · Ask and respond using simple sentences

    · Participate in conversation

    · Understand various aspects of the Hispanic culture

    · Conjugation of present tense verbs

    · Semester Exams





    · Participation

    · Behavior and attitude in class activities

    · Quizzes

    · Tests

    · Midterm and final exams

    · Binders

    · Homework



    The Grading Scale for Spanish I will be exactly like the high school’s grading scale. 

    Grades will be posted weekly on Skyward

    In order to be recommended for Spanish II, you should receive a B– for your semester grade.  Remember that this is a HIGH SCHOOL ACCREDITED CLASS!  Your grade will be on your high school transcript.





    1. The school tardy policy will be in effect after your third tardy without a pass.  You will receive lunch detention

    2. You MUST BRING your Binder, Book, Workbook, and Daily Agenda

    3. Be prepared for class

    4. Lack of homework or incomplete homework will receive a zero.  If you are absent, please check the homework tab on the school website.  Homework is updated every afternoon.  All missed work should be made up immediately.  Foreign Language can become very difficult if you fall behind

    5. No electronic equipment (cell phones, ipads, Kindles, etc.) will be permitted in Spanish Class.  These items will be confiscated and sent to the office.

    6. No gum (or chicle gum) is permitted in class.  It is hard to speak Spanish with gum, and it is also against school policy to have gum.

    7. Plagiarism and cheating will be taken very seriously.  1st offense:  Parents will be contacted and you will receive a zero on the assignment.  2nd offense:  Parents will be contacted and a d-slip with consequence will be assigned

    8. Respect each other, and lets have fun!