Did you know
    Why Heading
    Due to changes enacted by the State in how schools are now financed, Center Grove is experiencing a significant budget deficit in our General Fund. This deficit, if not
    overcome, will have a negative impact on many school programs and future class sizes.
    How Heading
    A homeowner with the median home value of $200,000 would pay $147.00 per year or $12.22 per month.
    What Heading
    The referendum will allow us to maintain our current programs, provide additional positions that will work directly with students, and absorb possible future reductions in state funding.

    News & Updates
    Day at the Maze
    October 23 - More Information
    Stones Crossing Garden Center

    Dine to Donate
    October 26 - Get Flyer
    Noodles & Co. (US 31/Shelby)

    Dine to Donate
    October 28 - Get Flyer
    Monical's Pizza

    Dine to Donate
    November 1 - Get Flyer
    City BBQ (US 31 South)

    Volunteer Now!

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    Referendum Brochure
    Learn more about the General Fund Referendum and what a "YES" vote means on November 2. View Brochure
    CEEP Report-School Referenda
    in Indiana

    Education Policy Brief
    Summer 2010. View Report


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