• Mrs. Widbin Mrs. W and Megan

    8th Grade Silver Team

    Welcome to Mrs. Widbin's resource page!

    This will serve as a reference page for materials--In case you leave a worksheet at school, lose a review sheet, or need to use your textbook, my plan is to have those kinds of materials posted here for each new unit.  Obviously, if the worksheet you had for homework was not teacher-created, it might not be here; however, please feel free to email me any time if you need a copy of an assignment or further help. This page does not serve as an excuse for why you didn't get your homework done but rather as a back-up for emergencies, absenses, or "off" days!
    Feel free to contact me via email (widbinl@centergrove.k12.in.us) if you have any questions.
    Last Updated 6/26/14