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    CGIT’s mission is to provide exceptional technology service and support to all CGCSC educators, employees, and students. We will facilitate innovation and creative learning by working together with internal departments to provide the proper resources and guidance. Our direct focus is providing excellent customer service as well as effective, reliable, and secure technology solutions.

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  • Technology at Center Grove Community School Corporation is an integral part of our daily operations. Students and staff members use technology regularly to communicate and collaborate.  In addition, we can improve our communication to the community by using several enhanced technologies.  Below are some of the programs we are using for the purposes of teaching and learning, communication, and collaboration.

    The Center Grove Community School Corporation fully supports the National Education Technology Standards for Students. You can preview these standards at this link

    Student E-mail - All students in grades K-12 receive a Center Grove e-mail account. We use Google Apps for Education for all students. We expect our students to adhere to the policies of our district but this filtering is a way to ensure our students are communicating in a professional manner.

    Multimedia Classrooms - Center Grove has currently installed 425 multimedia classrooms over the district. We are 99% complete in all of our instructional classrooms. The classroom consists of the Extron Pole Vault system, control panel on the wall, ELMO TT Digital Presenter, Projector, DVD/VCR, and Wireless Tablets. The Pole Vault system allows us to save money by global management features that turns off all systems in the evening. We have committed to install this solution in every classroom in our district. We are beginning to add the VoiceLift sound amplification systems in designated classrooms where this is a "need".

    Online and Blended Learning - We are very proud of our online initiative called Center Grove Global Campus. http://globalcampus.centergrove.k12.in.us We have launched the Ignite program where students can expand their learning opportunities and earn initial credit.  Online and blended education creates new opportunities to educate learners in new and innovative ways. Center Grove is exploring various models to leverage technology to best support student learning.  We also use Canvas as our learning management system (LMS).

    Skyward - Skyward is our student information system. There is a web-access component that allows parents and students to monitor progress in each class called Skyward Family Access. Parents can access assignments, test scores, and grades in real-time instead of waiting until the end of the grading period. In addition to real-time access to gradebook information, digital midterm reports and report cards are also published to Family Access. Parents can also access detailed information on lunch purchases and fee balances, as well as make online payments. Both parents and students are encouraged to consistently login to Skyward to monitor the academic progress of the student. You can access Skyward from our main homepage at https://www.centergrove.k12.in.us 

    1:1 Computing Environments -  We have launched a 1:1 iPad initiative at CGHS and both middle schools called Mobile Minds.  All students utilize an iPad 24/7.  Our K-2 classrooms have 1:1 iPads participating in a project called iPossibilities. We have positive data to support the increase in literacy skills based on the implementation of iPads in these classrooms.  Grades 3-5 leverage classroom-based Chromebooks.  This creates a well-rounded student-user with experience on a number devices and interfaces.
    Acceptable Use Policy - All students should adhere to the Center Grove Community School Corporation's Acceptable Use Policy



    If you need assistance with login information regarding any of these systems, please contact our technology help desk.If there are any of these resources  that you do not want your child to participate in, please contact our technology help desk at 317-882-1055.




    Jason R. Taylor

    Chief Technology Officer

    Center Grove Community School Corporation