Welcome to the Center Grove Community School Corporation Maintenance Department 
    Our corporation mission statement is "to develop knowledgeable, confident, and responsible citizens."  We provide a safe, secure, clean, and comfortable learning environment for our students and staff members.  Many behind-the-scenes tasks are involved daily in maintaining and operating the school corporation's more than 1,845,000 square feet of building area and close to 500 acres of land.  Our department services a total of 19 buildings that include: 

    -Center Grove High School  
    -Middle School Central & Middle School North
    -Center Grove Elementary, Maple Grove Elementary, North Grove Elementary, Pleasant Grove Elementary, and Sugar Grove Elementary
    -Student Activities Center
    -Outdoor Locker Facility
    -Baseball Facility
    -Tennis Facility
    -Softball/Soccer Facility 
    - Professional Resource Center
    - Educational Service Center
    -  Technology Center
    - Innovations Center
    - Wellness Center
    -Operations Center

    Operations Center  
    3653 W. Whiteland Rd.
    Bargersville, IN 46106
    Office Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    Office Telephone: 317-881-0515
    Office Fax: 317-885-4549

    Director of Facilities: Darrell Thompson
    Office Telephone: 317-881-0515 Ext:1028 
    Operations Specialist: Lisa Blackwell
    Office Telephone: 317-881-0515 Ext: 1010
    Operations Center Secretary: Stephanie Lochard
    Office Telephone: 317-881-0555 Ext: 1003




Last Modified on August 15, 2017