• Welcome to my class,
     I'm glad you are here! Me NYC
    I believe all children want to learn!
    Each student is given the opportunity to hear, see, use manipulatives, sing and move to learn.

    I believe each child needs to feel needed to become confident!
    Classroom Jobs
    Each child has a job during the day at their table, as well as at the end of the day to help clean up our room from all of our hard work.

    I believe that when students have the opportunity to get to know one another friendships bloom!
    Circle Time, Class Meetings, Activity Time
    Circle Time is when we sit in a circle so we can see one another. We talk and share what is on our mind.
    Class Meetings are when we discuss things that are going well in our class and things that need to change. The students are invited to be problem solvers.
    Activity time is a time at the end of the day that we have free choice and a free flow atmosphere, when students can choose who they work with and what activity they participate in.