• Clinic Information
    The clinic provides first aide service and emergency care for sick or injured students. Beds are available for ill or injured students only. The clinic also provides education on health related issues.

    The school nurses reserve the right to turn away students who misuse or excessively use the clinic.

    Staffing and Clinic Hours
    Staff: (1) Registered Nurse, (1) Medical Assistant
    Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00a.m.– 3:00p.m.
    Hepatitis B Vaccine series required for every child entering grade 9 and grade 12.
    HEA 1133 was passed in the 2004 state legislative session. It requires that every child in Indiana who enters grade 9 and grade 12 be immunized against hepatitis B effectively July 1, 2005. Usually three shots are required to complete the hepatitis vaccination series.

    Hepatitis B vaccine is available from the local Health Departments (call 736-3974 for an appointment at Johnson County Health Dept.), clinics, or your student’s physician. Because it is a required immunization, insurance coverage applies. Questions may be directed to the Johnson County Health Department or the School Nurse.

    Clinic Rules

    Because of the number of students that are seen in this clinic, it is necessary that we have established rules for the clinic. Respect of these rules is expected and appreciated. The rules are as follows:

    1. All students must have a hall pass before coming to the clinic.

    2. Students feeling ill will be limited to 20 minutes in the clinic. Students staying longer or going home will be at the discretion of the Health Services Staff. Due to limited space and the amount of students seen in the clinic, no student will be permitted to stay an entire period, unless deemed necessary by a Health Services Staff member.

    3. Clinic phones are to be used for ill students and for Health Services Staff. No students are to make personal phone calls on clinic phones.

    4. Only ill students and student aides will be allowed back into the clinic area.

    5. The clinic is not to be used for socializing.

    6. Students not adhering to these rules will be asked to leave once and may be sent to the Dean.

    7. Repeated visits to the clinic may be indicative of an attendance problem, the Dean or School Counselor will be notified.