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    Music class provides more than the skills developed throughout the school year. It may appear that we are simply preparing for the next concert, or learning a new listening skill and immediately moving on to the next. Though we often think of these aspects first, there is a higher learning taking place that will benefit your child in all of life: discipline.

    Young people possess unlimited potential for learning, achievement and personal success. Every individual’s self-worth is based on turning potential into accomplishment, and that requires a healthy measure of discipline, both in the classroom and within oneself. Music class is a metaphor of life because it is a training ground for developing a solid pattern of personal discipline habits. Music class engages the power of commitment, puts human will into action, fosters a positive attitude, controls negative thinking, encourages success, and deters failure.

    The study of music is a link between inspiration and value achievement; it is a bridge between thought and accomplishment, between ideas and results. This explains the impressive correlation between music study and academic achievement. Your child’s positive participation in music class is so much more than simple learning; it reinforces the importance of self-discipline as a fundamental factor of self-esteem, group pride, personal satisfaction and aesthetic joy. Music class is teaching your child how to confront the circumstances of life by putting ambition and skill into action.

    Thank you for your continued encouragement and support. Thank you for understanding that music education is a groundwork strategy for the development of young minds. And thank you for demonstrating the value of persistence and discipline as we meet the challenges associated with our program’s growth!

    On behalf of our students,


    Mr. Newsham, Music Teacher


    Pleasant Grove Elementary School

    887-8525 ext. 7201