Welcome to 5th Grade!



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    Communication between teacher and parent is extremely important to ensure your child’s academic success.  Please feel free to contact us anytime.  However, please understand that we have limited time to check e-mail and voicemail; we will respond to you as soon as time allows.  Check Skyward on a regular basis in order to monitor your child’s progress.  Let’s make this a fantastic year together!


    As the world of technology changes, the 5th grade teachers are utilizing Canvas for many assignments instead of relying on this website for links to specific online activities.  If you're not familiar with Canvas, please take a moment have your child show you.  


    Important Note:  Please be sure you enter student absences, early dismissal from school, doctor's appointment, etc. into PickUp Patrol.  When doing so, the front office and teacher are notified.


    • 1.    Use playground equipment responsibly and safely.
    • 2.    Only one person on the swing/slide at a time.
    • 3.    Stay in designated areas.
    • 4.    Rocks must remain on the ground.
    • 5.    Once you choose to go outside you must remain outside.  
    • When the whistle blows, STOP whatever you are doing and line up quickly and quietly.
    • 1.    All assignments will be announced orally or written on the board.  If you have been absent, check with a classmate, and/or the teacher.  Students are responsible for missed assignments.
    • 2.    Be sure all homework is completed and done NEATLY!
    • 3.    Homework is always due the beginning of the next day unless otherwise indicated.
    • 4.    WRITE ALL ASSIGNMENTS in your Student Planner daily.
    • 5.    Always have a book to read in the event that you finish your work early.
    • 6.    If an assignment is not completed and turned in at the beginning of the day, attendance at Study Hall will be required until the work is complete. Students are responsible for ensuring that all missing/make up work is submitted. 
    • 7.    An incomplete or missing assignment will result in a mark on the Panther Card.
    • 1.    Students will receive a day to make up work for every day they have missed.
    • 2.    Make-up tests and quizzes will be given during Study Hall at recess.
    • 3.    When a child is absent, parents may request work through the front office.   Assignments will not be available until 3:45 PM.



    1. We follow the Pleasant Grove Positive Point and Panther card systems.  
    2. Receiving a mark in Specials or the cafeteria will be reflected on the weekly Panther card.
    3. T.H.I.N.K. Sheets will be used to reflect on choices, as needed.