• Anchor Chart Samples

    Anchor Chart FAQ's


    Why should I use anchor charts?

    The purpose of anchor charts is for students to have ownership over their learning and to "anchor" unknown topics to their own own experiences.  They are created as a teacher presents a mini-lesson.  

    Can I save anchor charts from year to year or just look at my colleagues" and copy his/hers?

    “Recycling" anchor charts defeats the brain research behind them--connecting the known to the unknown.  Each group of children has different "knowns" and "unknowns.“
    Replicating something another teacher has done or pulling an old chart out of the closet does not have the same effect as creating a chart WITH your students.  HOWEVER, it is useful to have a “teacher’s guide”, or sample of an anchor chart before the lesson in order to be explicit as possible in the mini lesson.

    Post-it note chart paper is so expensive!  Are there any alternatives?

    Anchor charts come in many shapes and sizes--post-it paper is only one option.  Try some of these ideas if post-it paper is too pricey or taking up too much space:
    • 11X17 pieces of construction paper
    • laminate "skeletons" and use an overhead pen
    • butcher paper