• Drama Club 
    Drama Club is an extra-curricular activity for selected students in grades 6-8 at Center Grove Middle School North.  The purpose of the Drama Club is to learn about acting, play production, and stage work culminating with two play nights.
    Drama Club consists of two groups of students: the play cast and the stage crew.  Being a part of Drama Club is a commitment through the end of April.  Each group will meet according to the schedule that will be handed out before cast tryouts.  Please note that there may be times in which the Drama Club will be asked to stay longer or to attend additional practices/meetings; these dates and times will be announced in advance.  All Drama Club members will also be required to attend both play nights.
    This year (2016-2017), drama club will be putting on 1 show, Shrek, the Musical Jr. Audition workshops will be taking place after school, November 15th, 16th, and 18th until 4:30pm. More details regarding this year's show process can be found if you click on the "Shrek, the Musical Jr. 2016-2017" tab to your left. 
    For those students who are interested in learning about drama club and trying out for a part in the cast or crew, here's a general timeline of events:
    • Before Fall Break--Be listening to the CGTV morning announcements for information regarding the first callout meeting!
    • After Fall Break--Callout Meetings with general information about drama club.  This includes our calendar and time commitment, concerns regarding conflicts with other sports/activities, and details about tryouts (held for both cast AND crew). 
    • End of November through Thanksgiving Break--Several meetings will be help to learn about and practice key skills to prepare for cast tryouts.  (Students who only want to tryout for crew will not need to come to these meetings; this will be explained at the first callout meeting.)  These skills include volume, projection, animation, characterization, body language, singing, and dancing.  During this time, students who want to tryout for a part in the cast will have a selection from the script of this year's show to practice with, as well as a piece of music to learn from the show and a small dance number to illustrate coordination and timing. 
    • Middle to end of November (usually before Thanksgiving break, but possibly right after)--Tryouts for cast.  This usually takes a week as we typically have 100-120 students tryout for our show.  Depending on the show that we choose, we will be looking for a cast size of 30-50 kids.  Students will only tryout once that week in a group of 7-10 students.  At tryouts, students will perform their singing audition solo individually (the other students in the group are in the hallway, not the room), and then the entire group will perform the dance together for the judges.  Finally, students will read/act through the tryout script, performing as many different parts as possible in about a 30 minute period.
    • After Cast Tryouts--Students receive a letter telling them whether or not they made the cast.  The students that make the cast will continue meeting according to the practice schedule.  The students that do not make the cast will have the opportunity to tryout for the crew, if they are interested.
    • December--Crew Tryouts.  We usually have about 40-50 kids come out for the drama club crew, but we only take about 20-30 in the crew for each show.  Crew tryouts include group work on a creative project so that the directors can look for creativity, cooperation, positive attitudes, hard workers, good teammates, and effective communicators.  Crew tryouts also include and individual "homework" assignment where students will complete an individual assignment. 
    • After Crew Tryouts--Students receive a letter telling them whether or not they made the crew.  The students that make the crew will continue meeting according to the practice schedule.  The students that do not make the crew unfortunately will not be in drama club this year.
    • Beginning in January--Cast and Crew both meet at least 3 times WEEKLY until showtime in April.  Drama Club requires a serious time commitment, as we count on the students to do everything possible to produce each show.  Aside from the cast performing on the stage, the crew will be running the lights and sound, creating/building the set, making the props, etc...  Because of this, we do require extremely dedicated students who work hard regardless of their role and who will maintain positive attitudes, communication skills, and cooperation with others!