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Honey Grove Before/After School Program

Honey Grove

Honey Grove Educational Day Care offers Before and After School Child Care at all Center Grove elementary and middle schools.   

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Students will find a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere for them to unwind after a long school day. Our before and after school program provides quality supervision by caregivers who are eager to help your child with homework assignments, special projects or enjoy some of the many skill building games available to them. Students can release energy by choosing to play actively outdoors or enjoy a quiet, relaxed indoor activity. Parents can be assured their child is receiving quality supervision  and is experiencing a well-balanced program before and after their elementary school day.   Honey Grove Staff Strives to:

  • Welcome you and your child with respect and understanding
  • Value your questions about your child and care giving
  • Listen without judgment as you share concerns about your child’s development
  • Treat you as the most important person in your child’s development
  • Respect and value your family’s culture and experiences
  • Share with you the excitement of your child’s development
  • Join you in advocating the best care and services for your child and family
  • Help you find community resources for you and your family
  • Work with you to discover and meet your child’s needs
  • Offer guidance and support to help you understand and respond to predictable ups and downs of your child’s growth and development. 

For more information on the Before and After School Program is available via the Honey Grove website.  

Honey Grove Educational Center
(317) 887-5500

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