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Parent Square




About ParentSquare

Center Grove utilizes the ParentSquare platform for staff and school-to-home communication to parents and the StudentSquare platform for communication to students.

The platform provides email, text, and app notifications for messages, along with calendars, sign-ups, and other features. All messages are also available within ParentSquare, which can be accessed via an app or on a computer.   To log into your account, download the app via the links on this page or go to the ParentSquare website at

  • Enter your email or cell phone number listed in your student's Skyward account.
  • You will be prompted to create a password.

Once you have created an account, you can choose your notification preferences for general announcements & messages.

  • You can choose to receive district and school communication via Email, Text, and/or App Notification.
  • Each notification can be configured to send Instantly, via a Digest (Daily), or None (turn off Email, Text, or App Notifications
  • You may also configure your preferred language.
  • Note: Emergency alerts cannot be turned off.

(En español)

ParentSquare Overview for Parents from ParentSquare on Vimeo.
(ParentSquare resumen para padres - español)


CGParentSquare Cell Phone

Need more help? Email the Communications Department

If you are both staff and a parent, you have the choice to have two separate accounts (one as a parent, and one as a staff member) or you can combine the two into one account. If you want to merge your two accounts, make sure your parent email in Skyward is your work email. If you would like them to become or stay separate, please fill out the form at this link.