2015-16 Teacher of the Year

    Vickie House
    Subject and Grade Level: 2nd Grade

    Years of Experience:

    Excerpt from Teacher of the Year application
    To me, teaching is important because:

    Teaching is important to me because it is what I do best.  I do it well because it is what brings me inner joy and fulfillment.  Teaching gives me a reason to touch the lives of so many others, and in return, so many lives touch mine.  Every day is different, filled with different expectations, different attitudes, and different emotions.  In other words, no day is the same. 

    I work with children and because of that I have the opportunity each day to bring a smile to a child’s face.  Each day I have the opportunity to make each child feel valuable, successful, and appreciated.  I have the opportunity to make the world a safe and warm place for each of my students while they are under my care.  This creates an atmosphere conducive to learning.