• Superintendent Expectations

  • 1. Child Centered
  • 2. Respectful
  • 3. Visible
  • 4. Organized
  • 5. Enthusiastic
  • 6. Communicator
  • 7. Collaborative
  • 8. Positive Role Model
  • 9. Forgiving
  • 10. Professional
  • 11. Proactive
  • 12. Positive
  • Purple Smile EXPECTATION #5:

    9 things you can do that will help you spark your enthusiasm:

    1. To become more enthusiastic, act more enthusiasticThis is Frank Bettger's number one enthusiasm rule. Which he wrote in his Book: How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling.  “Enthusiasm is by far the highest-paid quality on earth, probably because it is one of the rarest; yet it is one of the most contagious.” Bettger used to challenge people to put this rule into action for 30 days, telling them that if they did, it could easily revolutionize their life. Bettger says to stand up each morning and say the following: "Force yourself to act enthusiastic, and you'll become more enthusiastic."

    2. Draw strength from the positive – Remember the times in your life when you were enthusiastic. Feed off those positive feelings. Learn from the times you failed, but focus and draw inspiration from your successes.

    3. Look for "Aha!" moments – Oprah Winfrey talked about "Aha!" moments. "Aha!" moments are those moments in life when something happens that changes some aspect of your life for the better.

    4. Don’t dwell on the negative – Don’t think about past mistakes. Put them out of your mind. Banish them to the basement. And stop worrying about things you can’t change.

    5. Make a list of the things in life you are happy and grateful for – Most of us have a lot in life to be grateful for. It's important to remind ourselves of this every so often. Compile a list of everything in life you're grateful for and whenever you need a boost, take this out and remind yourself of all the good things you have in your life.

    6. Surround yourself with enthusiastic people – Enthusiasm really is contagious. When you feed off other people’s energy, great things will happen. On the flipside, get rid of the negative people in your life that zap your energy. If you can’t convince them to be enthusiastic, avoid them.

    7. Perform random acts of kindness – As Jesus says, "It is more blessed to give than to receive. "The one thing the world can always use more of is kindness. Always be on the lookout to help someone in need, even it's just with a friendly smile and a kind word.

    8. Get your energy level up – It's easier to be enthusiastic if you have lots of energy and feel good about yourself physically. Eating the right foods and exercising regularly will ensure you have energy to spare at the end of every day. Administrators hate meetings they can pull your energy level down. Click here to hear Patrick Lencioni POV on meetings. In a meeting, a leader should "hook" team members by reminding them what's at stake.

    9. Attitude! Remember, it's you who chooses how you view the world – You determine your destiny. It's as easy to have a negative view of your world as it is to have a positive view, so always choose the view that makes you happier and moves you closer to your goals.  As Chuck Swindoll once said “I am convinced that life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent how I react to it. We are in charge of our attitudes.” or as Henry Ford once said: “You can do anything if you have enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes rise to the stars. With it, there is accomplishment. Without it, there are only alibis.”


    1. John Wood
    2. Chuck Swindoll
    3. Frank Bettger
    4. Edward B. Butler