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  • On eLearning days, students do not come to school. They complete their coursework virtually from home.

    • Your teachers will post your lessons on Canvas in the morning.
    • Click here for a video tutorial showing how you can access Canvas.
    • If you have questions on the day of eLearning, email your teacher via Canvas Inbox Messaging or their Center Grove email.   


Global Navigation

Understanding how to navigate in Canvas and use the Inbox will help you in your daily lessons

Dashboard - Card View

Setting your dashboard to card view will allow you be certain that you do not miss any important To Do's

Setting Email Notifications

Setting Canvas to notify you of the import information, messages and feedback from your teachers

Submitting a Flipgrid Assignment

The video will walk you through submitting a Flipgrid assignment

Submitting an EdPuzzle Assignment

This video will walk you through submitting and EdPuzzle assignment in Canvas

Submitting Google Cloud Drive Assignments

This video will walk you through submitting a Google Cloud Drive Assignment

Submitting a Nearpod Lesson

This video will walk you through submitting a Nearpod assignment in Canvas

Send Files to Notability

This video will show you how to send files from Canvas to Notability

Notability to Canvas Using Google Drive

This is another way to submit from Notability using Google Drive

Send to Canvas from Notability

Once an assignment has been completed in Notability, this video will show you how to submit the file in Canvas

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