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    CommunicationThis focus area deals with open and ongoing
    communication with stakeholders. Center Grove recognizes that maintaining
    a two-way conversation with the school community is vital. Particular attention will
    be given to ensure all stakeholders are strong advocates for students, sharing
    a common vision, and engaging in open ongoing communication.
    Building on Our Past
    Strategic Planning
    Committee Meetings
    The Strategic Planning Committee has
    been meeting since last October to
    develop and implement a Strategic Plan
    for our corporation. review presentations>
    Focus Area Groups
    Four interrelated focus areas emerged
    from the strategic planning process as
    areas of importance. learn more>
    Town Hall Meetings
    We hope you were able to attend one of
    the Town Hall meetings to discuss how
    implementing the Strategic Plan helps
    the Corporation realize its goals.
    Focusing on Our Present
    Putting the Plan in Perspective
    We need the perspective of the past and
    the future to inform the present. We are
    committed to focus our efforts to
    accomplish our mission and achieve
    our vision. follow our progress>
    Strategic Planning Committee
    Committee Feedback on Goals
    Staffing Committee
    Committee Meeting Minutes
    Communication Committee
    Committee Meeting Minutes
    Working on Our Future
    2012  Employee
    Communication Survey
    We have studied the feedback of 445
    employees carefully and will use it to
    guide us as we make communication
    decisions this year. see the results>

    Communication Plan
    It's important to have a clear, concise
    and consistent message when
    communicating with stakeholders
    under construction>