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  • Literacy

    A balanced literacy framework in the classroom consists of reading, writing, word study, speaking and listening. The following research-based best practices support the Center Grove Community School Corporation K-12 Literacy Framework and are part of the Center Grove Teacher Evaluation classroom walk-through process. The following documents will be helpful in understanding literacy at all levels in the district.

    Link: Center Grove Community School Corporation K-12 Literacy Framework 


    Center Grove Community School Corporation definition of literacy at the secondary level, as determined by the Secondary Literacy Cadre, 2010:

    Literate secondary students skillfully access and critically evaluate the language of each content area in order to derive meaning and make connections through a variety of modes (e.g. visual, aural, oral, kinesthetic, and digital).

    Literacy at the Secondary Level includes the following components:

            • Reading
            • Writing
            • Listening & Speaking
            • Vocabulary and Word Study
            • Comprehension
            • Higher Level/Critical Thinking Skills (e.g. use/apply, compare/analyze, judge/evaluate, create/synthesize)