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    Project Safety, Security, and Stewardship is in its third phase.

    During Phase 1, which was largely completed during the summer break, secure entries were created at Pleasant Grove and Sugar Grove Elementary Schools, and both middle schools, Central and North. Pleasant Grove also received renovation to its administrative offices. Maple Grove Elementary was built with a secure entry.

    During Phase 2 of the project, facilities updates are underway at North Grove Elementary (NGES), Center Grove Elementary (CGES) to address major educational effectiveness and capacity issues. 

    Both schools had gymnasiums built on the outside of their buildings, which allow for improved security during after-school events, and increased space in their cafeterias. The cafeteria and gyms no longer share space in the center of the schools.

    Phase 3 of the project inc­­ludes updates to Center Grove High School. That project includes the relocation of the main offices to the front of the building where they will connect to a secure entrance, renovation of the Media Center, renovation of science labs, upgrades to finishes, and ADA restroom upgrades throughout the building. The CGHS project won't be complete until February of 2017.

    (Project includes upgrades to Maple Grove E.S., Pleasant Grove E.S., Sugar Grove E.S., Center Grove M.S. Central, & Center Grove M.S. North)
    Milestone Dates
       February 6, 2014  Received Bids

     February 20, 2014  Board Award of Contract
     February 21, 2014  Notice to Proceed to Contractor
             October 2014  Complete Construction


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