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    The CG100 is an advisory group to the Strategic Planning Committee. During the 1-hour meeting on September 9th, members of the CG100 heard brief presentations from a few members of Center Grove’s leadership team. (Click here to watch that presentation.) The CG100 filled out an online survey that asked their opinion on issues and opportunities facing Center Grove. The information collected from that survey was provided to the Strategic Planning Committee. (Click here to see those results.)
    The Strategic Planning Committee met on September 30th to review the CG100 survey data and start determining priorities and building goals for the school corporation.The meeting concluded with groups submitting their “wonderings” for each area discussed at the CG100 meeting. Committee members were encouraged to ponder statements, such as “We wonder how we can more effectively communicate curriculum offerings to staff, parents, and kids.” (Click here to see their list of wonderings.) The SPC 2.0 group will meet again in December to draft goals.
    On January 13th, the CG100 met again to review the draft of the Committee's goals. The CG100 was asked to weigh in via survey once again as to what they like and don’t like about the proposed goals. You can see their input at this link. Their information will be brought to the Strategic Planning Committee where it will be used to refine the goals into a final form that will be implemented by Center Grove Schools.
    SPC Process
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