Center Grove announces 2018-19 Legacy Award Winners

(April 19, 2019) – Center Grove will honor 51 current, former, and retired teachers with Legacy Awards at the 2019 Teacher Celebration. Center Grove High School seniors each nominate the teacher who has made the greatest impact on them during their time in Center Grove schools. This year’s winners include:

Center Grove E.S.
Krista Nelson, principal
Connie Allen (Retired)
Stephen Blackburn*
Sonny Moore*
Peggy Young

Maple Grove E.S.
Brooke Phillips, principal
Barb Dunn (Retired)
Patty Gardner (Retired)
Ron Hobson
Angela Snodgrass

North Grove E.S.
Ron Siner, principal
Penny Poynter (Retired)
Joyce Rogers

Pleasant Grove E.S.
Trael Kelly, principal
Randy Allen (Retired)
Barb Sylvester (Retired)
Amy Traut
Erin Reiss (Award from West Grove ES) 

Sugar Grove E.S.
Jessie Hyde, principal
Jodi Barth
Jason Mueller
Doug Wooton (Retired)
Mindy Vanderveen (Award from North Grove ES)

Center Grove M.S. Central
Craig Smith, principal
Dan Andersen
Anthony Bell
Sam Fritz
Andrea McCoy
Brandon Painter
Susan Porter
Gary Robinson
Matt Ehresman (CGIT – Instructional Coach)

Center Grove M.S. North
Davin Harpe, PhD, principal
Jacob Burskey
Greg Jansen
Richard Miller (Retired)
Jeff Peterson
Jacinda Reardon
Andrew Smiley*
Meg Witt
Alicia Whitehead (Award from Sugar Grove ES)

Center Grove H.S.
Jeff Henderson, EdD, principal
Jeff Buckmaster
Jenna Carroll
Katie DeArmitt
Troy Dice
Wes Dodson
Timothy Eddy
Jackie Fowler
Adam Gaff
Katie Gaff
Eric Howe
Andrew Kominowksi
David Lawson
Jared Norman
Josh Surface
Alice Thompson
Trina Veerkamp
Lauren Widbin (Award from MS North)

* Denotes no longer with CGCSC

The 2019 Teacher Celebration will be held on April 30, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in the Center Grove High School auditorium. This year’s building Teachers of the Year will be honored and the overall district Teacher of the Year will be announced on that night.