CGHS students receive Central Nine awards


na Central Nine

(May 9, 2019) - Center Grove High School (CGHS) students were honored at Central Nine (C9) on Thursday, May 9.

Two CGHS seniors received an Achievement Award for doing outstanding work with good attendance, good citizenship, and outstanding work ethic in the classroom and lab. Only one Achievement Award is given in each program:
Emergency Medical Services: Adam Rodriquez
Fire & Rescue: Jamie Jackomis

Four CGHS students will graduate with National Technical Honor Society distinction: Corey Briscoe (Computer Science II), Evan Humphrey (Computer Science II), Adamari Plancarte (Criminal Justice), and Mackenzie Gashti (Dental Careers). To earn this distinction, students much achieve at least a 3.0 GPA, 95% attendance rate, excellent discipline record, complete six hours of community service, and be recommended by his/her C9 teacher.

Several CGHS students received Merit Awards:

  • Fire & Rescue (1st Year Merit): Luke Adar, Jason Zieniewicz, Colton Rathsman
  • Health Science I (1st Year Merit): Jagger Thrasher
  • HVAC (1st Year Merit): Seth Hofmeister
  • Landscape Mgmt/Horticulture (1st Year Merit): Tycen Bright, Aiden Ramsey, Nicole Surd
  • Precision Machining (2nd Year Merit): Nathan Foster
  • Visual Communications (1st Year Merit): Olivia Philpott, Shannon Coffey; (2nd Year Merit): Tyler Haines, Andrew Riha
  • Automotive Service Technology (2nd Year Merit): Sam Bowman, Shaun Spivey
  • Computer Tech Support/Networking (1st Year Merit): Lucas Rardin
  • Construction Trades (1st Year Merit): Brandon Fritz
  • Criminal Justice (1st Year Merit): Adriane Ruble
  • Culinary Arts (1st Year Merit): Matt Miles, Lilly Lucas, Margarita Martinez
  • Culinary Arts II (2nd Year Merit): Cassie Myers
  • Dental Careers (2nd Year Merit): Grace Tiffany
  • Emergency Medical Services (1st Year Merit): Ethan Brooks, Carter Pell

The following students earned the Governor's Work Ethic Certificate at CGHS: Adhitya Balaji, Meghan Barber, Andrew Basham, Corey Briscoe, Alexandra Dremonas, Lindsey Evans, Benjamin Feitl, Andrew Harrell, Mitchell Jones, Kyle Kinnee, Lailie McKenzie, Gary Murphy, James Pell, Sripranav Potturu, Mary Ramsey, Logan Retske, Taegan Richardson, Katherine Rugenstein, Clarissa Russell, Jake Ryan, Katelyn Seip, Zachary Skluzacek, Kacey Strouse, Jagger Thrasher, Aiden Todd, Naia Turner, Zoe Turner, Caleb Volpp, Nicholas Vopelak, Madison Watson, Michelle Watson.