Center Grove schools commemorate Veterans Day

(November 14, 2021) - Center Grove schools honored veterans with programs and parades for Veterans Day. Center Grove Elementary and Maple Grove Elementary hosted parades for veterans. Students lined the school campus waving posters and flags as honored guests drove by. CGHS students had the opportunity to hear from Engineering/Technology teacher Ian Ashland who is currently deployed with the Indiana Air National Guard.

Middle School North students recognized the veterans in their lives by standing when the song for their loved one's branch of the service was sung by the 8th grade choir. Students also wrote thank you notes to veterans and several classrooms had the opportunity to talk via Zoom with service members. Middle School Central students honored the veterans in their lives on Friday, November 12 with a program themed "Proud to be an American." Both MSN and MSC have been recognized by the Indiana Department of Education as Purple Star Schools. The designation honors schools that have displayed a significant commitment to service members, veterans, and students and families connected to our Nation’s Military.