CGHS wins Spirit Award at IUPUI contest

IUPUI Math Contest Spirit Award

L to R: Jacob Thornton, Jonathan Parackattu, and CGHS teacher John Moore

(April 23, 2023) - Center Grove High School won the Spirit Award in the 2023 IUPUI Math Contest. The award was given based on the number of CGHS participants in the contest and the quality of their entries.

CGHS Math Team individual competitors include Elise Armstrong, Ava Beecher, Ava Brosmer, Ella DeWitt, Alita Fischer, Kayla Fischer, Jack Forrest, Jonathan Parackattu, Nasser Sanwari, Gavin Siems, Ella Springer, Andra Veleta, and Darren Zheng. Participants as teams were Grant Embrey, Benjamin Peters, and Gowthamm Mandala; Sophia Moon, Joe Sowers, and Jacob Thornton; Cody Hewitt, Ryne Roehling, and Walker Millhof; Mitul Patel, Jack Williams, and Sidd Chhettry; Austin Rogers, Caden York, and Levi Farmer; Micah Robertson, Dillion Burns, and Zoey Varney; and Lillian Groves, Ananya Munjaal, and Sophia Kroll.

The contest is an opportunity for teachers to supplement their lesson plans and provide students with creative and competitive outlets. Students study patterns, analyze relationships, draft and refine their solutions, and submit their work. Students work on the questions independently (for individual competition) and in groups (for team competition). IUPUI faculty and graduate students volunteer over 20 hours to judge all entries based on the following criteria:

  • A student's method of finding the solution
  • Correctness of solution
  • Elegance of solution.