CGHS celebrates Simon Youth CG Academy graduates

2023 Center Grove Academy Graduation

(May 21, 2023) - On Thursday, May 18, Simon Youth Center Grove Academy recognized 31 seniors who have completed the program and will receive their Center Grove High School diploma in June. The Academy program is available to seniors who have not had success in the traditional high school environment. Students must be accepted into the Academy and receive either a General or Core 40 High School Diploma via blended curriculum.

This year's seniors include Ali Alabbas, Madison Allen, Brooke Bartlett, Nik Baugh, Quentin Bence, Ethan Bernius, Carly Bilek, James Bridges, Alexa Clayton, Faith Curry, William Davis, Alexis Dodson, Logan Duke, Courtney Ferling, Abbigale Haider, Alexis Jeffries, Sahil Kumar, Blake Laing, Jericho Laney, Royal-T McGairk, Raymond Castro-Melendez, Oscar Milch, Mack Newby, Jackson Pio, Hunter Riffle, Baileigh Rowan, Caden Smitty, Bradin Taylor, Gina Tougas, Tre Walters, and Randy Williams.