Center Grove HS earns IHSAA Sportsmanship Award

IHSAA Sportsmanship Award

(September 3, 2023) - Center Grove High School is a proud recipient of the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) Sportsmanship Award for 2022-23. CGHS is one of 11 schools to receive the award. All 411 IHSAA member schools are eligible. The award recognizes a school’s efforts to promote good sportsmanship among the members of the school community, including administrators, coaches, student-athletes, the student body, parents, and fans.

“The distinction of being recognized for our school’s sportsmanship was one of my goals when I started here,” said Joe Bronkella, CGHS athletic director. “Our student-athletes and fans have done a tremendous job overall in helping us achieve this goal. Our community is a great place to be and this is just another example highlighting them.”

“Thanks to our administrative team, coaches, cheerleaders, dance team, students, fans, and of course, our student athletes for creating an excellent atmosphere at our athletic events,” said Jeff Henderson, Ed.D., CGHS principal. “You all play a critical role in being the #FaceOfSportsmanship.”

CGHS will receive a banner commemorating the award this fall. This is the second time CGHS has received the IHSAA Sportsmanship Award since its creation in 2003. CGHS also received the award in 2008-09.